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Call for Solidarity with the Ukraine


We declare our solidarity and compassion for our colleagues in the Ukraine and all the courageous critical voices raised amongst the Russian civic society and scientific community.

Sadly, the loss of faith and reliability in transnational communication by war causes a disastrous shift from the main challenges of humanity: from tackling the impacts of climate change on nature and our built environment towards war-economy and destruction.

Even though the Swiss association of Engineers and Architects does not have any members in Russia nor in the Ukraine, SIA-professionals involved in international projects are affected by this war - many of us are concerned about the fate of current or former business partners and their families in both countries.

The members of the board of SIA International support the quest for an immediate stop of this war of aggression boldly breaking international law of nations as well as most basic humanitarian standards in our immediate European vicinity.

Finally, we also would like to raise your attention to the database offering job opportunities for Ukrainian opportunities and encourage you to register your job offers

We also thank the ETH for providing support to Ukrainian scientists

Further the Architecture Faculty of the ETH (D-ARCH), Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, offers the following positions for emerging scholars from Ukraine:1 doctoral position and 1 postdoc position

Board of SIA International
Daniel Racine, Zürich, President
Fabienne Hölzel, Stuttgart
Simon Hubacher, Köln
Martin Joos, Effretikon
Jonas Landolt, Brunnen, Vice-President
Sibil Sträuli, Milano
Barbara Zibell, Zürich