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19.11.19 | 09.30-13.30 Uhr | Ordine degli Architetti, Via Solferino 17, Milano (available as live-streaming)

RINNOVARE IL MODERNO | casi studio a confronto

The theme of the renewal of modern architecture is of particular relevance in our cities where in the last seventy years a huge quantity of buildings has been built which today urgently pose the question of their renewal, their re-use, their maintenance. This concerns buildings and parts of the city and will be the subject of professional work in the coming decades, in a by now shared logic of enhancing what is already there, without further land consumption.

This is the second of three events dedicated to the theme of the renewal of modern architecture, which today urgently poses the question of renovation, transformation, and maintenance. This time, the delicate task will be explained by the architects Mario Broggi (Broggi + Burckhardt), Alessandro Scandurra (SSA) and Lorenzo Bini (Binocle), showing the examples Centro Svizzero by Armin Meili, Via Paleocapa by Pietro Lingeri and Casa Corbellini-Wassermann by Piero Portaluppi.

In collaboration with the Foundation of the Milanese Chamber of Architects (Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti), SIA INTERNATIONAL is pleased to support this second of three events, as well.

The programme and further information are available on the website of the Milanese chamber of architects (Ordine degli Architetti).