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30.9.19 | 09.30-13.30 Uhr | Ordine degli Architetti, Via Solferino 17, Milano

RINNOVARE IL MODERNO | conoscere, progettare, realizzare

The theme of the renewal of modern architecture is of particular relevance in our cities where in the last seventy years a huge quantity of buildings has been built which today urgently pose the question of their renewal, their re-use, their maintenance. This concerns buildings and parts of the city and will be the subject of professional work in the coming decades, in a by now shared logic of enhancing what is already there, without further land consumption.

In collaboration with the Milanese chamber of architects (Ordine degli Architetti), SIA INTERNATIONAL is organizing three events that aim to point out the difficulties how to deal with this important task..

Event 1 - 30th September 2019 - Conoscere: archivi, repertori e regole come risorse per la professione

Event 2 - October 2019 - Progettare: racconti di progetti

Event 3 – November 2019 - Realizzare: clienti, finanziamenti, imprese, tecnologie

The first event will focus on the awareness of our modernistic heritage. Modernistic buildings all over Europe have reached a certain age and need to be renovated in order to fulfill the new energetic standards. Since the facade is often involved in this interventions, a significant architectural heritage risks to become unrecognizable and therefore lost..

The programme and further information are available on the website of the Milanese chamber of architects (Ordine degli Architetti).