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Golden Lion for the Swiss Pavillon "Svizzera 240"

SWISS PAVILLION HAS WON AT THE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE IN VENICE! the 2018 Golden Lion for best national participation has been awarded to the swiss pavilion "Svizzera 240"! Congratulations on behalf of the SIA International Section!!

(…) Svizzera 240 celebrates the promise of the unfurnished image by constructing its theatrical counterpart, the house tour, within the Swiss pavilion. On this tour, the plan’s promise of control over scale, organisation, and function, is undermined by the representational deficiencies of the image in an attempt to highlight the latent plasticity of the world’s most popular habitat. (Source:

Commissioners: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia: Marianne Burki, Sandi Paucic, Rachele Giudici Legittimo

Exhibitors: Alessandro Bosshard, Li Tavor, Matthew van der Ploeg, Ani Vihervaara

House Tour "Svizzera 240" - Get an impression !