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Case Studies - Swiss Made in Milano

Cooperatives in the City and in the Profession

The SIA International Section is proud raise awareness to a series of events with a Swiss touch, that will all take place at the Milanese Chamber of Architects in Via Solferino 19, in Milan till End of May. The SIA international section, represented by Sibil Sträuli, Architect in Milano and member of the committee has closely supported the realization of these case studies for almost a year.

The Milanese Architecture Chamber (Ordine degli Architetti, PPC della Provincia di Milano) and its Foundation, in collaboration with SIA International Section, will dedicate its focus of the theme of cooperatives, in architectural projects and as a working method.

During the month of May and June, there will be two exhibitions, four panel discussions and an architectural tour to visit in Milan cooperative housing projects. Many Swiss examples will be shown in the exhibitions and the architects involved will take part in the panel discussions. All events will be held at the headquarter of the Ordine degli Architetti in Milan.

For more specific information, check the link below (in Italian).of the Ordine degli Architetti.

For further information or inscription as well as for purchasing the catalogue of the events, please write to

Credits: Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della provincia di Milano Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti, P.P.C. della provincia di Milano SIA International Section Confcooperative, Federabitazione Lombardia Legacoop Home Italia